The Elders of Israel
and the Constitution

Chapter 15
The Molding of Men's Thinking

      Promotion of sound constitutional principles has become increasingly difficult in recent years. One of the major reasons for this increasing difficulty is the predominance attained in most educational institutions and in the mass communications media by the false philosophy of the world.

      While Americans tend to pride themselves on doing their own thinking, there is much evidence that their thinking is actually manipulated to a very large extent. This is done both in getting them to believe falsehoods and half truths as "facts" while the real facts are withheld from them, and in conditioning them through constant repetition into acceptance of certain ideas and ways of thinking.

      For example, the Framers were much opposed to democracy.(1) They specifically pointed out that the constitutional system they framed is not a democracy, but a limited republic.(2) From the days of the Framers until very recently, the American people were careful to recognize this distinction and to reaffirm their agreement with the Framers in their antipathy toward the concept of democracy. Then suddenly, in the lifetime of people now living, American thinking on this vital matter seems to have been reversed. Instead of the former attitude that democracy is an undesirable and unstable form of government, a great many Americans now seem to have an unthinking emotional devotion to the idea of democracy, and seem to believe the widely repeated untruth that the Framers favored democracy. [p. 162]

Source of Indoctrination in False Principles

      Other examples could be cited, but the above will suffice to indicate the presence of some powerful influence misinforming Americans as to facts and transforming their thinking. Much light is shed on that influence by a well-documented penetrating study published by the Veritas Foundation.(3) The following are a few extracts from that study:

American Fabian socialists for 78 years had been active in building up a socialistic strategy and a pro-socialist following, while at the same time, consciously avoiding the use of the word "socialist."(4)

There is . . . a central direction. . . . The connecting link of the multiple socialist movements today is a quiet organization with wide connections and ramifications known as the League for Industrial Democracy (L.I.D.).(5)

Shunning wide publicity but steadily boring within the nation's educational system and means of communication, the L.I.D. has . . . operated on the basis of infiltrating key control centers . . . including both major political parties.(6)

Every phase of education and public information has been "permeated" by these leftists.(7)

Fabian pursued a policy of "permeation" into established organizations. They . . . explained . . . that by degrees through [p. 163] such permeation . . . society "will pass into collective control without there ever having been a party definitely and openly pledged to that end."(8)

The Unity of Socialism and Communism

      In considering this socialist penetration of American institutions it should be remembered that "socialists" and "communists" are working toward the same end. That end is the destruction of America's freedom system and replacing it with a different system under which a small, self-perpetuating group uses the compulsory power of the government to control the masses. This joint objective is expressed in the Veritas study in these words:

There is never any fundamental disagreement between communists and socialists about the fact that socialism is the ultimate aim of both movements.(9)

Both socialists and communists face the same enemy, the system of individual freedom and private enterprise.(10)

      There are many who do not accept the fact that communism and socialism are basically the same. Although they believe communists do many terrible things, they tend to regard socialists as well meaning do-gooders. That their appraisal of socialism may be less than accurate is indicated by the following:

Many leading socialists forsee with complacency the necessity of killing their opponents, once they have seized power. Bernard Shaw and Stuart Chase have boldly stated so.(11)

Socialism Promoted Mainly By Sincere People Who Have Been Deceived

      There is one fact implicit in what has been said that should be clearly stated and unmistakenly emphasized. [p. 164] That fact is that the conscious deliberate conspirators are relatively few when compared with the great numbers of people who help them. In fact, most of those who promote socialism and communism are ordinary people who have been deceived by propaganda ultimately originating with the conspirators. There are two principal factors contributing to their acceptance of these false ideas. One is that they have not really understood the constitutional system in the first place. This ignorance arises partly out of the fact that textbooks containing American history as it really happened are now a rarity in American schools. The second contributing factor is their desire to hold beliefs acceptable to the predominantly influential intellectual group.

      Realization that the work of these conspirators is largely done by others who are not consciously a part of the conspiracy is essential to understanding how the conspiracy operates. For example, one of the methods by which this is accomplished is shown in the following extract from The Great Deceit—Social Pseudo-Sciences:

Sidney Webb, the father of Fabian socialism explained how those who have once been drawn into leftist activities continue to promote socialism thereafter. In speaking of socialist organizations, he stated:

      "Their programmes and principles remain, and even their leaders, but their active membership is continually changing. A steady stream of persons influenced by socialist doctrines passes into them, but after a time most of these cease to attend meetings, the subjects of which have become familiar, and gradually discontinue their subscriptions. These persons are not lost to the movement; they retain their socialist tone or thought, and give effect to it in their trade unions, their clubs, and their political associations. . . ."

The millions who were indoctrinated in the socialist-communist fronts provided a continuous backwash of influence in all the political parties in America, and in education and social life.(12) [p. 165]

      It should be borne in mind that this same principle applies to the millions of students who are indoctrinated in socialist thinking in their high school and college experience, and who thereafter "are not lost to the movement" but "retain their socialist tone of thought, and give effect to it in their . . . political associations" and other activities after their school experience is completed.

An Example of Socialist Influence In American Education

      An enlightening specific illustration of socialist influence in the educational system is contained in a small book entitled American History Was My Undoing.(13) The author, Mrs. Donzella Cross Boyle, a teacher and "hobby historian" was approached by a publishing company to write a new American history textbook. Through painstaking time-consuming research in original sources, she was able to write a factual history untainted by the opinions of other authors. However, soon after she started the project she received some inkling of problems that would arise if she attempted to continue her factual approach. Of this she wrote:

However . . . my friends in the teaching profession . . . labeled my project complete folly. I was wasting my time. The schools would not buy a text with the truth . . . about our history. Teachers who valued their jobs and opportunities for promotion would not recommend such a book. . . . Facts had to be garbled to create certain social attitudes in the minds of the children.(14)

      In American History Was My Undoing, Mrs. Boyle tells of the pressures brought to bear to induce her to write a slanted history. With great difficulty she withstood the pressures and ultimately produced a factual American history textbook. Then, although the book was supposed to be one of a series, it was removed from the series after [p. 166] one small printing and was thereafter simply "out of print." Incidentally, in American History Was My Undoing, Mrs. Boyle presents a worthwhile analysis of some of the techniques by which textbooks are slanted against the American tradition and in favor of collectivism.(15)

Of Course There Is A Conspiracy

      There are many today who loudly proclaim that there is no conspiracy in this country seeking the destruction of the American constitutional system. It is a tribute to the power of propaganda over common sense that anyone would seriously believe that there is not a massive subversive conspiracy at work in this country. The typical method of socialist conquest, whether in the name of communism or some other name, is by infiltration and subversion. The United States is both the greatest potential obstacle to socialist conquest of the world, and the greatest prize to conquer. With these facts in mind, it is unthinkable that there would not be a tremendous conspiratorial effort put forth to immobilize and to conquer America.

      In testifying before the House Committee on Appropriations on March 6, 1961, J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation made the following comments in connection with the extent to which the communist conspiracy had already infiltrated our institutions:

They have infiltrated every conceivable sphere of activity: youth groups; radio, T.V. and motion picture industries; church, school, educational and cultural groups; the press; nationality minority groups and civil and political units.(16)

      As one considers the urgency of the present situation, he needs to bear in mind that the above statement was made more than nine years ago. [p. 167]

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