The Gospel Key to Our True Constitution

Appendix 3
Text of Constitution and Amendments with Explanatory Comments

      This text of the Constitution and Amendments closely follows the original text, including spelling, sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization that in many cases are different from current usage.

      Many explanatory subheads are added to increase understanding. All material enclosed in brackets [ ] is clarifying and explanatory information.

      Changes made by Amendments are underlined and the source of each particular change is indicated in italicized and bracketed material at the end of the applicable paragraph. Where a change is by implication, that is mentioned.

      Whenever a section has more than one paragraph, all the paragraphs under that section are numbered even though they are not numbered in the original text. Added numbers are enclosed in brackets. [p. 88]

      NOTE: Please see Appendix 3 of The Constitution of the Founding Fathers for the full text.

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