Key to Abbreviations

      (Each quotation used in the text is followed by the name of the individual whose words are quoted. If the quotation has appeared in a publication, then the publication is listed as the reference source. In the interest of saving space many of these sources are abbreviated. These abbreviations are listed below. Where quotations are given from speeches which have not appeared in publications, then the author and the date of the speech is given following the quote. Below are listed these speeches under their authors, with the date, title of the address, and where delivered.) BYU—Speeches given at Brigham Young University

CN       —       The Church News Section of The Deseret News Newspaper

CR       —       The Annual and Semi-annual Conference Reports of the Church.

CWP       —       The Church Welfare Plan. A 1946 Sunday School Lesson Manual by Albert E. Bowen of the Council of Twelve Apostles.

DC       —       The Doctrine & Covenants of the Church.

DHC       —       The Documentary History of the Church. (7 Vols.)

DN       —       The Deseret News Newspaper.

DW       —       The Deseret Weekly.

E       —       The Improvement Era Magazine.

I       —       The Instructor Magazine.

JD       —       The Journal of Discourses. (26 Vols.)

JI       —       The Juvenile Instructor Magazine.

MS       —       The Millennial Star Magazine.

RS       —       The Relief Society Magazine.


J. Reuben Clark:

      2/22/35       —       Washington Birthday Address. (Salt Lake City)

      5/18/38       —       Education—A World Challenge to Parents and Teachers. (Salt Lake City)

      6/20/39       —       Church Welfare Plan. (Estes Park, Colorado)

      12/15/39       —       Some Thoughts and Expectations of a Policyholder. (New York City)

      8/15/40       —       Some Factors Affecting Trust Investments. (Salt Lake City)

      10/ 7/43       —       Some Factors of A Now-Planned Post-War Governmental and Economic Pattern. (Chicago)

      2/24/44       —       Some Factors in Proposed Post-War International Pattern. (Los Angeles)

      10/ 6/44       —       Fundamentals of Church Welfare Plan. (Salt Lake City) [p. x]

      1/24/45       —       Some Elements of Post-War American Life. (Salt Lake City)

      11/20/45       —       Public Loans to Foreign Countries. (New York City)

      5/29/57       —       Some Fundamental Principles of Our Constitution. (Salt Lake City)

Ezra Taft Benson:

      3/11/53       —       Agricultural Policies. (St. Paul, Minn.)

      4/5/60       —       World Brotherhood. (Salt Lake City)

      5/30/60       —       Commencement Address. (Elizabethtown, Pa.)

      11/ 4/60       —       Address to Poultry Producers. (Versailles, Ohio)

      9/22/62       —       Our Freedom is Threatened. (Chicago)

      9/29/62       —       The Threat To Our Freedom. (San Antonio, Texas)

      10/10/62       —       Freedom to Farm. (Phoenix, Arizona)

      9/23/63       —       Let Us Live To Keep Men Free. (Hollywood, Calif.)

      12/13/63       —       We Must Become Alerted and Informed. (Logan, Utah)

      12/19/63       —       An Internal Threat Today. (Boise, Idaho) [p. xi]

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