Section II:
A Standard of Liberty

  6.       America—A Choice Land

  7.       The Constitution—A Glorious Standard

  8.       The American Republic

  9.       Free Agency—Freedom—Liberty

10.       Free Enterprise and Capitalism

11.       Education for Citizenship

12.       Patriotism and Loyalty

God will have a free people, and while we have a duty to perform to preach the Gospel, we have another, to perform, that is, to stand up in the defence of human rights—in the defence of our own rights, the rights of our children, and in defence of the rights of this nation and of all men, no matter who they may be, and God being our helper to maintain those principles and to lift up a standard for the honorable of this and other nations to flock to, that they may be free from the tyranny and oppression that is sought to be crowded upon them. This is the duty we have to perform, and in the name of Israel’s God we will do it.

President John Taylor, 1882, JD-23:239 [p. 56] [p. 57]

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