The Great and Abominable
Church of the Devil
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The Great and
Abominable Church
of the Devil

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of the

H. Verlan Andersen

Author of
Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen
The Moral Basis Of A Free Society
The Book Of Mormon And The Constitution

Additions by
Hans V. Andersen, Jr.

This volume is dedicated to my wife, Shirley, who assumed far more than her share of our parental responsibilities to make this endeavor possible.

© Copyright 1972
H. Verlan Andersen

Fourth Printing 1988 by his Sons and Grandsons
Fifth Printing 1994 by his Sons and Grandsons

ISBN: O-9644552-O-X
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 94-74044

Table of Contents

I  A Satanic World-Wide Organization Foretold1
II  The Great Division7
III  The Universal Problem Of Deception13
IV  The Elements Of Freedom27
V  The Lord’s Involvement In Political Affairs37
VI  The Lord Judges Men By The Civil Laws They Sanction Or Oppose47
VII  The Lord’s Plan For Protecting Free Agency55
VIII  Free Agency In Hereafter Determined By Attitude Toward It Here67
IX  Satan’s Plan To Destroy Free Agency71
X  Do The Scriptures Permit The Conclusion That Prostituted Government Is Satan’s Church?77
XI  Religious History Affirms That Satan Has Always Tried To Control Government83
XII  Identification Of Satan’s Church By Latter-Day Prophets91
XIII  The Concept And Philosophy Of The Devil’s Church99
XIV  Priestcraft109
XV  Socialized Education And False Doctrines129
XVI  Latter-Day Prophets And Socialized Education137
XVII  The Kingdom Of God Vs. The Kingdom Of The Devil145
XVIII  The Apostasy Of The Latter Days161
XIX  The Destruction Of The Devil’s Church173
XX  Summary And Conclusion181
I  The Constitution Of The United States191
II  Excerpts From The Communist Manifesto211
III  Additions By Hans V. Andersen, Jr215

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