The Great Cookie Jar
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The Great Cookie Jar

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The Great Cookie Jar

Taking the Mysteries
out of
the Money System

Dr. Edward E. Popp

Wisconsin Education Fund
P. O. Box 321
Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074

This book is dedicated
to all the persons who produce and distribute
useful goods
and to all who render
useful services.
They are the producers of
the wealth of the nation.
May they learn how to issue and use
bona fide credit certificates as currency
so that inflation, deflation, balance of
payments deficits, and government debts
will have no good reason to exist!

Copyright @ 1978 Edward E. Popp
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-62961
International Standard Book Number (ISBN): 0-960-0358-2-6

P.O. Box 321 Port Washington
Wisconsin 53074

Manufactured in the United States of America


I.Words must have definite meanings5
II.Qualities of the Items that Serve as Media of Exchange31
III.Gresham’s Law39
IV.Standard of Value42
V.When is the Exchange Value of Currency Determined?45
VI.A Unit Used to Express Exchange Value: A Unit of Account47
VII.The Pound69
VIII.The Dollar Coin and the Dollar Unit we use to Express Exchange Value76
IX.United States Coinage83
X.Money and the Constitution93
XI.The Fractional Reserve Banking System101
XII.The Federal Open Market Committee123
XIV.The Devaluation of the Dollar149
XV.Questions and Answers153

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