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Books, Pamphlets, and Other Materials
Quoted or Referred to in this Book

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All of the above books that are in print can probably be ordered through your local bookstore.

      Publications listed above from the House or Senate or Government Printing Office can all be ordered from the U. S. Superintendent of Documents, Washington 25, D.C.

      The BOOKMAILER, Inc., 30 Price Street, Linden, New Jersey, is a complete bookstore-by-mail service representing all U. S. publishers. This service extends to 109 countries. BOOK-MAILER will supply any U. S. published book in print which is sold at retail in U. S. bookstores. You pay the regular bookstore price set by the publisher. BOOKMAILER will pay surface-mail postage anywhere in the world, if: (1) payment accompanies your order, or (2) order is charged against a deposit account. Otherwise postage will be charged. BOOKMAILER will also help you obtain many out-of-print books and documents. [p. 561]

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