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Topic: America, Future, Matches 7 quotes.



And now, I pray that those who belong to this Church will hearken to that warning. I sincerely hope the American nation will turn for counsel toward these great mountains where the House of the Lord is established, where His inspired servants may be found, and, above all, that this nation’s people will hearken to that counsel, to achieve the place that Thomas Jefferson predicted would be our blessing if we followed the fundamentals of government as laid down by the founders of this great nation, and to avoid the catastrophe that now lies immediately ahead:

Let us then with courage and confidence pursue our own Federal and republican principles, our attachment to our Union and representative government. Kindly separated by Nature and a wide ocean from the exterminating havoc of one quarter of the globe; too high minded to endure the degradations of the others; possessing a chosen country, with room enough for our descendants to the hundredth and thousandth generation; entertaining a due sense of our equal rights to the use of our own faculties, to the acquisitions of our industry, to honor and confidence from our fellow-citizens, resulting, not from birth, but from our actions and their sense of them; enlightened by a benign religion, professed, indeed and practised in various forms, yet all of them including honesty, truth, temperance, gratitude, and the love of man; acknowledging and adoring an overruling Providence which by all its dispensations proves that it delights in the happiness of man here and his greater happiness hereafter; and with all these blessings, what more is necessary to make us a happy and a prosperous people? Still one thing more, fellow citizens, a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.

As members of this Church we know what our relationship to the Government of the United States is. We know what our responsibilities are, for God has revealed them to us. I sincerely pray as citizens of the United States, as members of this great Church, we will set an example which will create, if it is possible, a restitution of all those glorious privileges and blessings that we have lost and are losing—and we will arouse America by our example.

Source: Elder Joseph L. Wirthlin
General Conference, October 1941

Topics: America, Future; Freedom, Loss of; Responsibility



Perilous Danger in Government

Men are so ready and willing to be deceived in regard to that which will produce their destruction, that they put off the day of dread.

Although Joseph Smith and the Elders of this Church have proclaimed, both by their own voice and by publications, the downfall of this government, and set forth things so plainly to those that would look at them, yet the people have closed their eyes and have pressed forward in their own way; and they will so continue until every word shall be fulfilled. (Sept. 9, 1860, JD 8:301)

We cannot took forward with any very bright hope for the future of this nation, unless there is heartfelt repentance on the part of the people. Affairs will grow worse and worse, and all the evils that have befallen and are befalling other nations will come upon this. (July 15, 1881, JI 16:162)

Source: George Q. Cannon
Gospel Truth - Discourses and Writings of George Q. Cannon, p. 542

Topics: America, Future



And this land shall be a land of liberty unto the Gentiles, and there shall be no kings upon the land, who shall raise up unto the Gentiles.

And I will fortify this land against all other nations. (2 Nephi 10:11-12.)

Take note of that promise. That is why we cannot accept communism.

Source: Elder Thorpe B. Isaacson
General Conference, October 1964

Topics: America, Future; Communism



We should at all times be willing to sustain the great Bill of Rights in our own country, to sustain and uphold the laws here. I firmly believe that Brigham Young was a prophet of Almighty God. I think that he spoke under the inspiration of the Lord’s Spirit. I want to read to you an excerpt from one of his sermons, wherein he laid upon the shoulders of the Priesthood of this Church some very definite responsibilities relative to the fundamental law of our country. He said:

I expect to see the day when the Elders of Israel will protect and sustain civil and religious liberty, and every constitutional right bequeathed to us by our fathers.

He said these rights would go out in connection with the Gospel for the salvation of all nations, and added:

I shall see this whether I live or whether I die. I do not lift up my voice against the great and glorious government guaranteed to every citizen by our Constitution, but against those administrators who trample the Constitution and just laws under their feet.

We see from this prophecy, uttered by a prophet of God that there will yet devolve upon the Priesthood of this Church the responsibility of protecting the rights and the Constitution of our great country.

Source: Elder Joseph L. Wirthlin
General Conference, October 1938

Topics: America, Future; Bill of Rights



We in this land have a rich heritage of freedom. It has rewarded us beyond our brightest dreams. The key to further progress—the key to national security—is the preservation of the initiative, vitality, energy, and resourcefulness of our people. Our material progress is merely a by-product of our freedom. Our God-given freedom, a basic principle of religious truth, is still the most powerful force on the face of the earth.

Source: Elder Ezra Taft Benson
General Conference, April 1960

Topics: America, Future; America, Heritage



The Church And This Government

Our nation, our country and this Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, seem to conform to what was predicted and specified by the ancient prophets. We verily believe that in our present combination of Church and government we have what the Prophet Daniel said had been shown to King Nebuchadnezzar in his famous dream. The king was shown things that are to come to pass in these latter days. Many nations and many kingdoms are to be destroyed but the God of Heaven is to set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed, a Kingdom that shall not be left to other people, a Kingdom that shall break in pieces and consume all other kingdoms, and, the Prophet adds, it is a Kingdom that shall stand forever. It is the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, the stone that is to become a great mountain; yes, the prophet says it is the stone that is to fill the whole earth. (Daniel 2) It is our belief that this refers to our own land, choice above all other lands, and to the Church of Jesus Christ of atter-day Saints, with its principles of free agency and self-government.

Source: Elder Richard R. Lyman
General Conference, October 1940

Topics: America, Future; Heavenly Interest in Human Events



When we look down one hundred years and see the origin of our Constitution, when we contemplate all its trials and triumphs, when we realize how completely the principles upon which it is based have met every national need and every national peril, how devoutly should we say with Franklin, ‘God governs in the affairs of men,’ and how solemn should be the thought that to us is delivered this ark of the people’s covenant and to us sealed with the test of a century. It has been found sufficient in the past, and it will be found sufficient in all the years to come, if American people are true to their sacred trust. Another centennial day will come, and millions yet unborn will inquire concerning our stewardship and the safety of the Constitution. God grant they may find it unimpaired; and as we rejoice to-day in the patriotism and devotion of those who lived one hundred years ago, so may those who follow us rejoice in our fidelity and love for Constitutional liberty.

Source: President Grover Cleveland
in Philadelphia at the centennial exercises in honor
of the drafting of the Constitution in 1887

Topics: America, Future; America, History; Responsibility; US Constitution

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