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Topic: Cooperation, Matches 2 quotes.



Enemy Or Servant?

Government as an agency of society—if well-conceived, properly limited, and soundly organized—is a cooperative arm of society. It is but another item in the division of labor. Its true interest lies in protecting the society that created it.

Government is composed of persons, as is society. Organize the persons in government in such a manner that they can readily realize that they will fare ill if the society which hires them disintegrates or that they will fare well if the society prospers, and society will have a good and faithful servant. But organize the persons in government in such a manner that they get the idea that society is only a host to be exploited, and society will have a bad and parasitical servant.

One of the requirements for promoting cooperation between two or more persons—or between society and government—is that their interests in the project in question be recognized as in accord; that the self-interests of all parties be understood by the parties themselves to be in harmony. But let the idea prevail that the self-interest of one is served at the expense of the other, and the two will not cooperate; instead, each will work against the true interest of the other.

Source: Leonard E. Read

Topics: Cooperation; Government



Let me give you an example of how “Mormonism” has contributed to the solution of the social problem of mankind. No one will deny the fact that the idealism of Christianity is the highest known to humanity. And when it comes to government, the principles of the Government of the United States are the most democratic and idealistic ever worked out by statesmen. The “Mormon” Church has brought people of twenty-seven different nationalities together and, uniting them in a common purpose, has caused them to look to the highest ideals religiously and politically. When a society is united on the same principles of life and are agreed to the same ideals, it is a demotic type, as the Socialists express it.

Source: Elder Levi Edgar Young
General Conference, April 1922

Topics: Cooperation

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