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We do not want outside folks to teach our children, do we? I think no. We do not want them to teach us how to get to heaven, do we? If we did, it would be of no use, for they do not know the way. Well, then, we do not want them to tamper with the minds of our little ones. You will see the day that Zion will be as far ahead of the outside world in everything pertaining to learning of every kind as we are today in regard to religious matters. You mark my words, and write them down, and see if they do not come to pass. We are not dependent upon them, but we are upon the Lord. We did not get our priesthood nor our information in regard to his law from them; it came from God. The world profess to know a little about what they call science, literature and the arts. Where did they get their knowledge of these things from? And what is it they really do know? They know something about the laws of Nature. Who made those laws? God made them; and it is by his almighty power that they are governed.

Source: President John Taylor
Journal of Discourses 21:100

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There is a spirit working among the Saints to educate their own offspring. If our children will be all we will have for a foundation of glory in eternity, how needful that they be properly trained... There are wolves among us in sheep’s clothing ready to lead astray our little ones... Wolves do not devour old sheep when there are any young ones. I have herded sheep long enough to know that. Look after your children.

Source: Elder John W. Taylor
Collected Discourses, Vol. 2 p. 138.

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There are three dangers that threaten the church from within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that the people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see them, they are flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity.

Source: President Joseph F. Smith
Gospel Doctrine p. 312-313.

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Neither you nor your parents can be too careful to see that your young and fruitful minds are fed and stored with good principles. You want to learn that which is true — when you learn anything about God, Jesus Christ, the angels, the Holy Ghost, the gospel, the way to be saved, your duty to your parents, brethren, sisters or to any of your fellow men, or any history, art or science, I say when you learn those things, you want to learn that which is true, so when you get those things riveted in your mind and planted in your heart, and you trust to it in future life and lean upon it for support, that it may not fail you like a broken reed.

Source: President Wilford Woodruff
Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, p. 266.

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Within a decade [of the launching of the Russian satellite Sputnik in 1957] local control of school districts was transferred, primarily because of changes in funding, to state and federal agencies. Sputnik had, in effect, transformed American education into a centralized system in which organizational men and women—administrators and bureaucrats—rather than teachers and students, became the key players in a very big, very expensive game. It is a legacy which haunts and poisons the classroom a generation later . . . . With the increased power accorded the education bureaucrats following passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act in the mid-sixties, curriculum, content, and, perhaps most importantly, the teacher’s authority and autonomy in the classroom underwent significant transformations. It was becoming increasingly difficult to be a teacher in an era in which uniformity, compliance, and administrative control were in ascendance. And if it was becoming increasingly difficult to be a good teacher, it was clearly more difficult to obtain a first-rate education in the typical American school.

Source: David and Micki Colfax
Homeschooling for Excellence

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Community compulsory service patently violates the 13th Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude.

Source: Sheldon Richman
Separating School & State

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Imagine that you are one of those functionaries of government in whom there has grown, it seems inescapable, the propensity to command, in however oblique a fashion and for whatever supposedly good purpose, the liberty and property of your constituents. Which would you prefer, educated constituents or ignorant ones? . . . Which would you rather face, even considering your own convictions that the cause in which you want to command liberty and property is just—citizens with or without the power of informed discretion? Citizens having that power will require of you a laborious and detailed justification of your intentions and expectations and may, even having that, adduce other information and exercise further discretion to the contrary of your propensities. On the other hand, the ill-informed and undiscriminating can easily be persuaded by the recitation of popular slogans and the appeal to self-interest, however spurious. It is only informed discretion that can detect such maneuvers.

Source: Richard Mitchell
The Graves of Academe, pp. 7-8.

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Some children are dull and demand a slower learning pace; bright children require a rapid pace to develop their faculties. Furthermore, many children are apt in one subject and quite inept in another. They should be permitted to develop themselves in their best subjects and drop the poor ones. Whatever educational standards are imposed from outside, injustice is done to all—to the less able who cannot absorb any instruction, to those with different sets of aptitudes in different subjects, to the bright children whose minds would like to be off and winging in more advanced courses. Similarly, whatever pace the teacher sets in class is bound to be injurious to almost all—to the dull who cannot keep up and to the bright who lose interest. Moreover, those in the middle, the “average,” are not always the same in all classes and often are not the same from day-to-day in one class.

Source: Murray N. Rothbard
Education, Free and Compulsory: The Individual’s Education, p. 7.

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Let our pupil be taught that he does not belong to himself, but that he is public property. Let him be taught to love his family, but let him be taught at the same time that he must forsake and even forget them when the welfare of his country requires it.

Source: Benjamin Rush
signer of the Declaration of Independence

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